Secure Spaces is an operating system-level virtualization and management solution for Android smartphones and tablets. It enables multiple virtual devices or “Spaces” to co-exist on a single Android device while providing important security features such as isolation between the Spaces and the independent management of Spaces. Isolation between Spaces is an important capability as it prevents malware or other “invasive” apps in a Space from accessing the apps and data in another Space.

Types of Spaces

Secure Spaces supports two types of Spaces:

User-defined (Personal) Spaces – these are Spaces that are created, configured and managed by you via the Secure Spaces user interface to address your personal requirements and privacy concerns. For example, you may wish to create separate Personal Spaces for your email, contacts and messages and for games and social networking apps that may try to access and re-distribute your personal information. Placing these in separate Spaces prevents games or social networking apps from accessing your personal information regardless of the permissions assigned to such apps; and

Downloaded Spaces – these are Spaces that are defined and managed by an administrator for use by you. For example, a Downloaded Space can be defined and managed by your IT administrator to support BYOD on your device (a Work Space) or by a bank or financial institution to support secure banking and payment. There can be multiple Downloaded Spaces on a device that can be independently managed. The level of security and customization for a Managed Space is determined by the administrator that manages the Space and can be loosely or strictly controlled.