Secure Spaces Flashing Guide

Flashing a new system image deletes all user apps, accounts and data and may affect the warranty of your device. Be certain to first backup any personal data such as photos.


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    Backup Your Data

    Before flashing the Secure Spaces ROM ensure you have backed up the data you want to keep from your device. Flashing a new ROM will wipe all existing data from the device. There are a number of backup solutions you can choose from. Here are some suggestions:

    – TeamWin recovery

    – Clockworkmod recovery

    – Search for backup and restore at the Google Play Store

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    Download the Secure Spaces ROM

    Once you have backed up the data you want to save from your device download the Secure Spaces ROM. You can ensure the download was complete and unchanged by checking the MD5 hash of the zip file.

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    Ensure ADB and Fastboot are Working

    In the zip file we have provided ADB and Fastboot for Mac, Linux and Windows for your convenience in their respective directories. Also you can find the latest versions of ADB and Fastboot from Google which can be downloaded from the Android SDK . Ensure ADB and Fastboot are working (i.e in your path) and your device is connected via USB. Open a terminal on your PC and ensure the device is connected and adb is working, type the following command in a console to test ADB:

    adb devices

    You should see the serial # of your connected device returned.If not then you can refer to the Secure Spaces FAQ for help.

    To put the device into Fastboot mode type the following command in the same console:

    adb reboot bootloader

    To test the device is in fastboot mode type the following command in the same console to test Fastboot:

    fastboot devices

    You should see the serial number of your connected device returned. If not then you can refer to the Secure Spaces FAQ for help.

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    Ensure Device is OEM unlocked

    Nexus 5 OEM Unlock

    To flash a new ROM to your device the bootloader needs to be unlocked. Ensure your data has been backed up , since unlocking the bootloader will result in user data being wiped. To verify the bootloader is unlocked, boot the device into fastboot mode type command (adb reboot bootloader) and check the LOCK STATE , it should be unlocked. If the device is locked you can unlock it by typing the following command in the connected console:

    fastboot oem unlock

    Nexus 5x OEM Unlock

    Unlocking the Nexus 5x requires you to perform the following before “fastboot oem unlock”:

    1. Turn developer options on – Open Settings, select About Phone item, tap Build number item (5 times) to enable Developer options.

    2 – In Developer options turn on OEM unlocking.

    3 – Similar to the N5 boot into fastboot, and perform fastboot oem unlock command

    4 – Select Yes (up volume to access “Yes” option, then power button to select) to unlock the bootloader

    5 – DEVICE STATE – should now be “unlocked”

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    Flash Secure Spaces ROM

    Ensure the Secure Spaces ROM download is complete and unzipped. Also ensure your device is connected via USB and ADB is working correctly. Move to your host directory where you unzipped the ROM and locate the appropriate script for either Mac, Linux or Windows in their respective directories. From this directory run the following script:

    ./ (Mac and Linux)


    flash-all.bat (Windows)

    The script will flash the device images and will reboot the device. If the flashing fails or the device does not reboot refer to the FAQ or post a question to our forum for help. Note: I can take some time for the device to load Android after flashing (5-10 minutes).

    For security reasons it is recommended you relock the bootloader on the device. Once you have verified the ROM has been flashed successfully you can reboot the device in fastboot mode (adb reboot bootloader)and type the following command to lock the bootloader in the connected console:

    fastboot oem lock

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    Failed to Flash?

    Click here for the System ROM FAQs