Enhance your Secure Spaces experience by adding a Hidden Space application.

A Hidden Space is similar to other Spaces except that it’s presence on the device is not visible. It does not appear in menu selections, or in the navigator. Gaining access to a Hidden Space is done through a Hidden Space app. Select one of the apps below to use with your Hidden Space.

The Hidden Space apps below will only work with Secure Spaces ready devices. If you have a Nexus 5 or Nexus 5X device you can download the system ROM image and follow the provided instructions to re-flash your device.


  • Multiple virtual Spaces
  • Completely isolated data and accounts
  • Solving security and privacy issues
  • Fully customizable
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  • Works as your regular calculator
  • Hides in plain sight with all your other apps
  • Simply to use, easy to remember key stroke patterns
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  • Doesn’t replace the functionality of anyother app
  • Customizable to blend in with your desktop theme.
  • Simple to use, Android 5.x material design.
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Space Tap

  • Disguised access under any app already existing on the device
  • Doesn’t replace the original app’s functionality
  • Quick access to Hidden Space when taped 5 times
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