Create the Second Space in a few easy steps

Open settings -> Second Space

Turn on the Second Space

Initial Space setup

Set First Space password

Set Second Space password

How to navigate between Spaces

Switch Space Icon
in the main Space

Share, Configure and Switch
Icons in the Second Space

Lock phone ->
Enter password for desired Space

Switch through
Notification Bar

Why do you need a Second Space:

  • Keep your work apps and accounts separate from your personal apps and accounts
  • Use two accounts for the same app like WeChat, Weibo, Facebook or Twitter
  • Use your work WeChat account for business, and your personal WeChat account for your friends and family
  • Share your phone with kids and decide what they can see and do
  • Use it as a Banking Space for secure financial transactions and keep your money protected from malware
  • Have private contacts and messages in the Second Space
  • Keep sensitive information away from prying eyes
Ways to use the Second Space

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