Getting additional Spaces on Coolpad

  • In addition to the Owner Space & Privacy Space that come with the device, get up to two more Spaces by scanning QR codes
  • These additional Spaces are independently defined and updated with apps, wallpapers, launchers, files, news feeds, etc by a Space administrator, and can be removed by you (or the administrator) without affecting any other Spaces on the device
  • Follow these easy steps to get additional Spaces on Coolpad devices:

Owner Space -> Settings

Click Space management

Two current Spaces

Click on Add Space

Scan provided QR code

Additional Space created

Click to open Space

Space wizard

Retrieve content

Work Space

How to navigate between Spaces

Notification bar

App icon in the Fengshang Space

Transition screen

Home icon in the Privacy Space

Why more than one Space?

  • Banking Space: keep your financial apps and accounts in an encrypted Space, away from viruses or spyware. Use the dedicated app store in the banking Space, to make sure you download only authentic and approved banking apps
  • Work Space: prevent questionable apps from gaining access to critical business information
  • Kids Space: provide a curated, age appropriate user experience for your children, while resting assured that they can’t see or access anything else on the device
  • Hidden Space: use a special app to create and manage this area on the device that is only visible to you, and dedicated to your most sensitive apps, data and accounts
  • Branded Space: access to the latest apps, promotions and news, unique device customizations and ways to connect with favorite brands, events or celebrities without changing the configuration of the entire device

Share apps, files, photos, contacts between Spaces

Spaces Sharing icon

I want to Share

Sharing Photos

Sharing Apps -> Send

Select Space to share