How does Secure Spaces work?

Secure Spaces is a system-level virtualization solution for Android devices. This provides much better security and performance than “dual-persona” solutions, such as hypervisors or container solutions, while offering the following key features:
• Support for multiple isolated domains or “Spaces”
• A common Android user interface across all Spaces
• Support for all Android app without modification
• Very low additional device overhead
• A powerful web-based policy management server for Managed Spaces
• Compatibility with existing enterprise EMM and MDM solutions

How do I get Secure Spaces?

Secure Spaces will be embedded on your Android phone or tablet either by the manufacturer or your mobile operator. Look under Settings to see if Secure Spaces is listed. Contact us for a trial.

How many Spaces can I have?

You can have up to 3 Spaces in addition to the Owner Space, in any combination of Personal or Managed Spaces.
This number may vary by device and manufacturer model.

What makes my Space secure?

Spaces are isolated from each using Android and Linux process isolation technologies so that apps and data in one Space cannot gain access to the apps and data in another Space.
The file system for Managed Spaces and Hidden Spaces are encrypted and other Android capabilities such as debugging can be disabled to prevent off-line or recovery partition based attacks in the event your device is lost or stolen

What is a Downloaded Space and how do I get one?

Downloaded Spaces enable you to delegate control of a Space to a third party, such your work administrator. Downloaded Spaces are isolated from your Personal Spaces – keeping your personal information and configuration private separate from the apps, data and administration of the Downloaded Space.
You initiate the creation of a Downloaded Space by clicking on a link or scanning a QR code. The initial policy and apps, wallpaper, and icon in the Downloaded Space are set by the Secure Spaces server. The user can still configure the Space as well.
You can always delete a Downloaded Space without impacting your personal information or any of the other Spaces on the device.

Why have multiple Spaces?

Spaces provide a simple and effective means to organize and isolate apps, accounts and data into categories (e.g. banking, personal, shared, etc.) that make sense to you and the way that you want to use your device. Doing so isolates private apps and data from other:
• Apps or malware on your device,
• Users with whom you share your device; and
• Individuals in the event your mobile device is lost or stolen.
For example, by placing the Facebook app into a different Space from the one that contains your Google account and contacts will prevent Facebook from trolling through your contact list, or allowing in-app purchases from Facebook games. Or, installing suspicious apps or apps that you don’t trust into a separate Space prevents those apps from affecting other apps on your device. Like having a quarantine area on your device.

Is there a separate lock screen for every Space?

Each space has a different lock screen. The settings for the lock screen can be defined by you for Personal Spaces and by the administrators of any Managed Spaces on your device.

How much device memory and storage does each Space use?

Each Space consumes about 70MB of additional memory when running. In addition, each new Space requires approximately 3MB of additional storage.
When apps are shared across Spaces, then there is no additional app storage needed beyond the initial copy. Each app may consume additional app data storage in each Space. For example, if a game exists in two Spaces, then the storage associated with the save game file and high scores values will be duplicated in each Space.

Can I customize the home screen in each Space?

Yes. Secure Spaces allows you to express your creativity unlike ever before. You can have a unique wallpaper, launcher, widgets, and more in each Space.

Can Spaces be created locally on the device?

Yes. Personal Spaces are created and configured locally by the user. They are independent of the Secure Spaces Management Server.

If I have the same app in multiple Spaces will changing the app settings affect all Spaces?

No. Each Space runs its own instance of the app, so the app settings and data will be different in each Space that it is installed.

Does Secure Spaces help to protect against malware?

Yes. By placing downloaded apps into a Space that does not contain any of your sensitive information (contacts, passwords, Google accounts, etc.) you are able to ensure that adware, spyware, malware or “over-permissioned” apps are not gaining access to your personal information.

Can I have a managed Hidden Space?

Yes. You decide when creating a Space whether it is hidden or not. Unfortunately, you cannot make a Space hidden after it has been created.