Work Spaces for Enterprise

  • Space configuration and management by IT
  • Web-based console simplifies management
  • Simple, intutive mobile application management
  • Set/reset, Lock, Wipe Spaces when required
  • Support COPE and BYOD deployments
  • Space isolation helps prevent data leakage due to malware

Work Spaces for Individuals

  • Space configuration and management by device owner
  • Local feature and device setting controls
  • Work related app recommendations simplify discovery
  • Separate personal apps, accounts and data from work
  • Contract employees can maintain multiple Work Spaces
  • Space isolation prevents others from gaining access to your work

Enterprise Mobility Management

Work Spaces work with leading EMM solutions. Simply include the EMM client/agent in the Spaces configuration and your EMM will treat the Space as it does any other phone. Except that commands (including Lock/Wipe) affect that Space only. The rest of the phone remains intact, perfect for BYOD. A “registered owner Space” allows for factory reset on Wipe, ideal for COPE.

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