What you can do with a Kids Space:

  • Select appropriate content for your child’s age and gender
  • Create more than one Kids Space, each Space with different apps and settings
  • Restrict access to networks, contacts, phone calls, emails and more
  • Prevent your kid from accidentally making purchases or changing your phone settings
  • Limit the time your child spends playing games
  • Lock the other Spaces on the device

Double the fun

Read how Xiaomi and Coolpad customers are using the second Space to keep games away from personal, banking or work information.

You can better protect your privacy , even if you give the phone to your children to play when he/she is distressed.
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For parents with children, it should also be cloned function quite useless. Between adults and children, there’s always something indescribable can not share. After avatar to set a password, you can use the avatar to the children, told him after the play phone to use this password, he can install their own games to play, parents have no effect on the original space of the phone.
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For example, installing a workplace -related APP something, talk with HR life ah happy to talk ah. I have a little cousin is often assault check the phone , this should also be good.
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More importantly, as the child’s entertainment center , many parents with children will be upset to find parents to stop children playing with the phone . Every time the phone can lend the children to play, there will always be some ‘ minor accident ‘ , the emergence of mobile phone spare feature that can provide children with a relatively closed environment.
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