Use a Hidden Space that is only visible by and accessible to you, to store your most sensitive information like pictures, videos, accounts and confidential files. You can create, access and manage this Space through our Hidden Space apps that blend in with the rest of the apps on your device, and disguise the entry point to the Space.
Nobody will know it’s there.

What you can do with a Hidden Space:

  • Completely hide the Space on your phone by using Hidden Space apps
  • Block notifications from the Space
  • Prevent file sharing from the Space
  • Dedicate a SIM to the Space
  • Use different accounts in the Space

Direct download Hidden Space Apps

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Read what Coolpad and Xiaomi users are saying about a different Space on the phone to store their most personal data, accounts and apps.

By far, the two phones in one, second virtualized Android space is the winner here. In addition to having a passcode / fingerprint to unlock the device, you can set a fingerprint / passcode to also doubly protect your private space.

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I’d rather use the private space option to maintain a section that is just for me. With my podcasts, embarrassing Bollywood music, selfies that are not for public consumption and photos with friends and family that I’d rather not share publicly.
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Accordingly, a number of private photos, documents and even hidden little secrets are stored in the phone. Once the information leaked or stolen will cause a lot of trouble.
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So we want to ‘ phone avatar ‘ is designed to store some personal privacy information , so users can rest assured that your phone lend anyone.
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From the current point of view, this is a market demand, miui8 “dual system” function does to some extent alleviate the embarrassment some people, for those who want to work and live completely separate, or borrow a cell phone to someone afraid of being seen privacy of people who fear or girlfriend Chagang, really is a good tool.
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Store some personal data, such as photos, documents , movies .Awkward scene : I took a look at the photos to friends . Friends directly sliding around and start browsing other can see , you can not watch soap flakes. There browser search history sometimes embarrassing …… I do not believe you did not search for some strange things right.
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