What you can do with a Banking Space:

  • Keep your identity and money safe within the secure Banking Space
  • Prevent your information to be accessed from another Space
  • Use a dedicated app store with official, virus-free banking & financial apps to avoid malware & viruses
  • Prevent questionable apps from gaining access to your financial information
  • Prevent data leakage by shutting down apps when you leave a Space
  • Prevent unintentional disclosure of personal financial data if sharing the device with others

100M+ users in 2016 for Graphite Software‘s solution called Spaces. Read what users are saying about a separate Space on their phone for financial accounts & apps.

I think it is quite useful, I can put apps for daily use in one system, and shopping and financial apps in the other system.
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Users can use Alipay, mobile banking and other related financial apps in the avatar system; so even if the phone is stolen, the average person is unable to find your private information.
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The security is ensured through a system-level isolation of SMS, payment, data, software quadruple protection, etc thus avoiding rogue software, malicious invasion of personal property, and preventing information loss.
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Dual system is the big selling point for Coolpad MAX devices. One of the systems is used to run entertainment applications, such as news, music and video, and the other system has a special protection software, like a financial management software .
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Tiptop MAX supports fingerprint recognition, that can be used for double switching system. On the same phone you can have two accounts that do not interfere with each other. In one Space you can use a variety of financial apps, secure payments; all financial app downloads are made from a certified source with only official app version, completely eliminating the intrusive third-party software, securing the information and your funds. The closed secure system lets users feel at ease in their financial transactions, and make worry-free, secure payments.
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