Ways to get Spaces on devices

  • Secure Spaces is a scalable, secure and flexible Android virtualization platform developed by Graphite Software. It enables multiple virtual devices (Spaces) to co-exist on an Android device.
  • Secure Spaces is available on many smartphones, some with customizations to meet the needs of their different customers and markets
  • Select the buttons below for device specific “how-to” tutorials for creating additional Spaces

Scan a QR code

Create an additional Space by simply scanning a QR code provided to you by a Space administrator, displayed on a website, or shown on a piece of collateral.

Check our demo Spaces

Click on a link

Create an additional Space by selecting a URL link provided to you in an email by a Space administrator.

Check demo Work Space

Use a Space App

Create an additional Space by using a pre-loaded or downloaded Space app. These apps can create Spaces with very specific themes and content or prompt you to setup the Space however you want it.

Hidden Space apps on

Space Recommendations

Create a Space quickly and easily by selecting from a list of recommendations found in the Spaces app on your home screen.

Self-contained Space

Coolpad MAX and TipTop Pro devices come with a self-contained Privacy Space for secure financial transactions. Only official, quality assured and malware free banking, financial and shopping apps are allowed in this Space

Banking Space